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CNQS work closely with a network of Sub-Contractors to provide risk analysis, contractual advice, commercial reporting structures and administration of payments. This ensures the Sub-Contractor can focus on performing their contractual obligations to the best of their ability, mitigating the risk of falling foul of contractual provisions or missing payment application deadlines. Please see an example of our provided services below and get in contact if we can help you on your project.

Contract Analysis

Entering a new contract is always layered with risk, particularly with the variety of contracts utilised in the construction industry. We will conduct a thorough review of your contract, advising on amendments, clauses to be aware of and how to administer your obligations.

Payment Application

We provide a monthly service to attend site, value works and submit an application for payment. This also includes retention recovery and final account negotiation.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes often concern or impact upon the full payment of applications. We aim to both resolve the dispute and ensure all contractual provisions for payment are adhered to.

Reporting Services

CNQS provide a full commercial management package including the establishment of processes allowing you to maximise the profitability of projects and to compare constructions costs against your original tender.